Ný Mynd is a Melodic Death Metal band born in Piacenza in early 2016 after the brake up of a previous project, preserving only three of its former members, Doc and Innerfrost, the guitarists, and Drake on vocals.

The name originates from an Icelandic word meaning "New Image", they decided to reunite the band making this name their own imprint.

The idea is to have a sound less tied to a genre and more open to new perspectives, being able to take inspiration from various influences.

In search of a drummer, shortly after the reunion Master joined the line-up bringing his power and the hit necessary to design the band's style in a big way.

The line up is then completed with DEE on bass guitar.

Coming all from different genres and experiences, the idea is to combine the various influences of each member to create something new and appealing.

Thrash, Death, Heavy, Core and Black all mix creating something innovative and ready to make your ears bleed!

In 2017 the writing of the songs for their first EP is done and they begin to bring the first pieces to various clubs and festivals in northern Italy.

In early 2018 Doc and Dee decide to leave the band and are replaced by Titta on bass and Claudioz on guitar.

In the beginning of 2019 Titta leaves the band, with the songs ready for the first recording session.

In March 2019 the band enters the studio at the Sonitus Studio in Crema to record their first EP "Crystalize" which will be released shortly after.

In april 2019 Mike takes on the bass duty and the line up is once again complete, ready to write new songs.

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17 Novembre 2017

Metal Night-Mare Vol. I

The Wall Club

23 Dicembre 2017

Merry Fucking Grinch - Max!

The Wall Club

19 Gennaio 2018

A Total Wall - Ný Mynd - Krudge

The One Live Club - Cassano d'Adda

10 Febbraio 2018

Metal in Motion

Vecchia Scuola Pub - Palazzolo sull'oglio (BS)

8 Luglio 2018

Grave Party 2018 - Milano

14 Ottobre 2018

Maestrick - Ný Mynd

Riff Raff Pub

19 Ottobre 2018

Night in The Storm

Vecchia Scuola Pub - Palazzolo sull'oglio (BS)

5 Maggio 2019

The Battle of the Bands 

Giardini Sonori 

24 Maggio 2019

Browbeat - Ný Mynd - Wall of Palemhor

Splinter Club - Parma 

 7 Giugno 2019

Astral Infinity + Ný Mynd

Doc Holliday - Codogno

9 Giugno 2019

Art Beat Fest 

Spazio Due 

29 Giugno 2019

Noise Wave 2019 - Travo